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Natvia Pantry Bundle is a great way to try a range of Natvia Sugar-Free products!

You'll be receiving our everyone's favourite, sugar-free hazelnut spread - Nuttvia, which you can enjoy on toast or eat straight from the jar, guilt-free!

You will also get your hands on Flip O's! Our delicious ice sticks, these are packed with flavour and all sweetened with ZERO SUGAR!

Try our Monk Fruit sweetener, Raw Earth. This is the perfect sweet companion to your tea or coffee! Using a secret blend of sun-ripened Stevia and Monk Fruit we have created the perfect sweet taste with zero bitterness.

Lastly, bring back breakfasts with our healthy jam alternative, our Natvia Strawberry Fruit Spread. Enjoy our strawberry spread on your protein pancakes for an extra kick of flavour!

All these products are ZERO ADDED SUGAR!